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Many analytics agree that telecommunications market today is almost similar to the FMCG market, as mobile communication and related services have become so affordable and necessary in everyday life. As in the FMCG market, brands compete here more than unique products. To serve the end user (retail services) telecommunications industry creates a huge number of working place to be filled with young qualified specialists, frequently lacking previous experience. When we search and select qualified personnel for this field, the emphases is placed upon the professionals of marketing department, engineers and experiences corporate sales managers.

IT is a traditionally self-contained market where very little personnel search and selection is conducted with the help of internal or external recruiters, whereas most part of assessment is done by line managers competent in the specifics of particular vacancy and able to evaluate the candidates experience. But general organizational processes in IT field are similar to business processes of other organizations, thats why TRIZA Exclusive consultants often effectively support IT-companies in their search for managers, finance and law professionals, HR managers and other back-office personnel.

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