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Production (food, non-food, industrial)

Food production sector belongs to the oldest field of activity for TRIZA Exclusive. Our database contains information about career history of food industry veterans with huge record of service and experience. And this data never turns old as real professionals in this field never change their profession and are always asked-for, while main components of success in the market of food industry are the brand reputation and the high quality of products. Today large enterprises working in Russia struggle for consumers in several directions, and hiring qualified, skilful personnel is not the least of all factors. Professional technologists of food production have always been at the top of demand. Today there are experienced production managers, technical managers and heads of various services, quality control managers among most called-for specialists. Special recruitment tasks arise when an enterprise passes into the ownership of a new proprietor, and technical upgrade follow.

Among TRIZA Exclusive patrons there are enterprises of industrial sphere manufacturers of climatic, electrotechnical, lifting, hydrotechnical, ore-dressing equipment, large machine building plants. Here we also watch many processes of business structuring, and consequently there is much interest to professional managers able to lead an industrial enterprise to a new quality level, open it for the dialogue with foreign investors and world market participants.

Engineers and technicians are always called-for in this field, especially if they possess relevant experience and due qualification. Market of mining and processing natural resources is widely known to be one of the most important for Russias national income. This is a deeply traditional sector where large mining and processing corporate enterprises invariably retain strong positions especially when we speak about oil and ore. Such companies often house internal training centers (corporate universities) for operating personnel and technical specialists of lower echelon. TRIZA Exclusive consultants manage to help industrial companies finding top managers for various sectors and filling back-office positions (administrative staff, finance, HR).

Specializations by professional activity fields: