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Distribution: (FMCG, Raw materials, Equipment & Engineering)

Distribution of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is one of the most dramatically developing sectors of Russian market. Recently this industry in Russia energetically adapts and applies world methods of business management. Successful companies operating in all areas of FMCG life-cycle vendor-distributor-retailer-end user pass through procedures of structuring and clear division of tasks and authorities. For distributing companies, specialists and managers in the sphere of sales and marketing with a profound background in this sector are most called-for. European and American schools of sales are traditionally favoured here, but Russian business keeps pace as well and creates competitive brands training personnel for most effective sales promotion towards customers-subdistributors and end users.

In the market of raw materials sales structures of domestic vendors energetically compete with distributors of leading foreign suppliers. When selecting sales personnel for this sector we pay special attention at the extent to which the candidate understands the trade specifics. We also check if he or she knows the technological processes and if he/she has experience of establishing contacts with vendors and customers of particular segment. Knowing only how to sell does not suffice here.

Industrial equipment distribution market is developing in a special way as many Russian enterprises follow the tendency of implementing quality standards and need consequent equipment upgrade. Here we see firms of large domestic manufacturers, as well as European suppliers, that have effectively entered the Russian market with representative offices and importing companies. This sector is supported by such modern professionals as service engineers and project managers. The information about various specialists in industrial equipment is carefully stored in TRIZA Exclusive database.

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