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Catering & Hospitality

Hospitality in Russia has been formed as an independent market sector not too long ago, when market economy had changed in the minds of consumers and business owners their attitude and requirements to the service sphere. It has become profitable to serve with quality, and thus a new professional category of hospitality managers has formed. Modern hospitality managers often can be proud of their excellent foreign education and successfully transfer the experience and standards of European hotels onto the Russian soil. There is a lot in common between hotel industry and catering trade because any hotel worth mentioning has its own food production. TRIZA Exclusive projects in the sphere of hospitality are aimed, mainly, on searching for professional managers for various departments of large hotels. Corporate services are very profitable for hotels, thats why corporate sales managers are also very much called-for.

If we look at the catering trade within the world economy we will see that its development tendencies are very similar to those of the FMCG market boutiques and mass market chains are to be found here as well. Marketing of services, pricing policy, internal decoration and quality of service gain more and more importance. Rapid development of catering trade in Russia, especially in St. Petersburg, results in never-ending searches for professional restaurant managers which are being executed by TRIZA Exclusive consultants both for patrons and for new customers.

As any food production, restaurants always need engineers competent in specific (refrigeration, processing) equipment. And needless to say that leading hand offstage belongs to chefs and sous chefs masters of their trade who are responsible for the most important part the cooking. And the cooking means attendance, reviews in the press and financial success. Information about excellent professionals of catering trade is also to be found in TRIZA Exclusive database.

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