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Building and construction; real estate

Building and construction is a very specific field of business for our country characterized by strong traditions and well-established links with professional schools, governmental and municipal organizations placing orders and supervising their activities. Many building companies nowadays strive to become more transparent in taxing and organizational sense, improve theirs structure and, thus, need regular renewal of managing staff. Among most often recommencing vacancies in this field there are openings for building directors (industrial sector), heads of works and building department, foremen and so called GR managers (government relations managers). TRIZA Exclusive is always monitoring the market searching for key engineers-and-technicians, as well as various managers for such companies.

Real Estate is a comparatively new and thriving industry in Russia. Large companies operating with immovable property usually use their own possibilities to train personnel. The main reason to order TRIZA Exclusive services for them is a constant need for qualified top managers (as in every sector of Russian market), as well as for specialists with specific experience (Executive Search projects are aimed at attracting personnel from competitors) and heads of administrative, HR, financial departments, skilful sales managers.

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