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TRIZA Exclusive Workday

Year by year the personnel consulting market is becoming more and more civilized and structured.

Personnel (recruitment, Executive Search) agencies gain a foothold in the communication chain between employees and employers. And we cannot but observe that on the side of all participants of consulting process there is a steady increase of trust to TRIZA Exclusive experts and our services. Having once or several times participated in our projects as a candidate, professional managers choose to become TRIZA Exclusive customers, and our cooperation goes on and on. When it comes to our partners, TRIZA Exclusive needs no additional advertising. But some professionals are still hesitant about the issue of what agency choose as an ally in the competition for a better career and business success. Let us offer to you a virtual tour of a weekday in TRIZA Exclusive office a day never to be called routine, as each hour of our work brings new informative encounters, bright discoveries and positive communication!

May these sketches help you better understand the gist and principles of our work! We hope you will find here some useful tips on making our cooperation even more effective.

E-mail processing: checking e-mail is the first thing in the morning and ever-present part of a consultants working day. Depending upon the number of projects a personnel expert might find in his or her post box from 50 to 150 messages every morning: responses to the announced vacancies, confidential correspondence with candidates, new search orders from customers, analytical materials and CV-selections from leading job sites. Every CV is printed out and analysed thoroughly.

NB: we never discriminate our candidates against sex, age, place of residence, nationality, having or not having checked in with Moscow authorities. The only thing that really matters for CV analysis is to what extent the candidate could potentially match the employers expectations regarding the vacancy under discussion that is, whether his or her professional experience meets the requirements of this particular opening.

Should your data match requirements of any current project, TRIZA Exclusive experts will undoubtedly contact you to make an appointment.

NB: sometimes it is crucial to contact potential candidates as soon as possible. Thank you for indicating cell phone number or office number in your CV so that we could discuss partnership prospects during the daytime. If you specify only your home phone number the CV processing might be delayed. Let us thank you in advance for availability!

All CVs are promptly processed and placed into the TRIZA Exclusive database. They will be considered by our consultants when working upon current and future projects.

Structured TRIZA Exclusive database is our pride and valuable source of information about the labour market. A lot of personnel agencies work only with recently received CVs. We do our best to track an interesting specialist career development and are really grateful () for any additional information entering our database after the interview. TRIZA Exclusive consultants do their best to keep the database info up-to-date so that it might comprise all recent career steps of a candidate. So you should not be surprised if we call you again months and years after our first acquaintance. Maybe an offer of your dream awaits you tomorrow!

TRIZA Exclusive interviews take place in comfortable negotiation rooms. An interview usually takes about an hour. First we offer you a TRIZA Exclusive questionnaire to fill, sometimes together with an auxiliary supplement relevant to your skill set. Later on, during the interview, we are discussing your duties and responsibilities in previous jobs, define highlights and personal strengths. We aim at finding out maximum information about your professional experience: this is, in general, the main reason to meet you in person.

Sometimes our candidates are not particularly cooperative while filling in the questionnaire. They either omit some boxes or copy the data from their CVs. This idea is not really brilliant. The more substantial the report on your professional skills will be, the better chances we will have that the employer appreciates your experience, and comes to a balanced conclusion about further discussion and interviews. We are always thankful for cooperation, as well as for completeness and precision of the information submitted.

It may also happen that our visitor proves to be very laconic and chooses descriptive generalizations when talking about his or her tasks and skills. "A sales Director with a large company; standard duties and managerial tasks covering all aspects" this is what you might say. Please bear in mind that in any company similarly named positions imply different scope of duties, different levels of responsibility, different issues to be solved. We need to know what you personally can do as a specialist. How solid is your background, including your managerial experience? What additional skills do you possess? What is the motivation, what are the crucial criteria when choosing a new job? What are your long-term plans? In other words: during an interview our common goal is to build a reliable forecast of how successful you could be when working for your customer.

NB: try your best to answer our questions in the same way as you might be answering to yourself openly, honestly, in detail. We are your allies, our goal is not to examine you, not to evaluate your personality and professional experience, but to find for you a truly good opportunity to cooperate with some of TRIZA Exclusive customers. Lets help each other avoid possible errors and delusions.

Your questionnaire together with the original CV and consultants notes will be kept in TRIZA Exclusive database to serve as a basis for all future contacts with you.

NB: when communicating with professionals of the market we stick to the principle of absolute confidentiality. Under no circumstances shall we share the information obtained with recruiters from other personnel agencies or representatives of other third-party firms. In case we need references from your former employers we will inform you in advance and get your permission for the inquiry. Normally we do this when first interviews with the potential employer have already been successful. TRIZA Exclusive questionnaires are kept in filing cabinets and regularly updated.

Essential tip: should significant changes take place in your professional life, please send us an updated CV we will be happy to add new information to your entry so that we could offer you new vacancies guided by the most recent data.

Professionals Career Support: this is a permanent TRIZA Exclusive program. Within its framework we meet not only candidates potentially interested in current vacancies, but also successful managers of all professional fields should they be open for a dialogue, even if they are not ready to consider current offers.

Sometimes you might need a piece of advice. Sometimes reassurance for the decision already made. Sometimes you need another opinion, unexpected viewpoint. We know the market. You know your competencies, your strong and weak points. Welcome to our office we will always find time to talk and will try and make our communication the first step towards the future effective cooperation.

Customers Support is a crucial part of a TRIZA Exclusive consultants working day. That means making appointments with customers for our candidates, discussing the results, adjusting job requirements accordingly, negotiating and signing contracts. TRIZA Exclusive consultants are always eager to visit offices of our customers: this is the best way to learn more about the company, their management style and peculiarities of corporate culture. When discussing a new project we try to specify most subtle details of the vacancy, all explicit and implicit requirements and criteria according to which the person in charge of hiring will make decisions. We find out which requirements are a must and which could be flexible; in a dialogue with the customer we determine which expectations are adequate to the reality of the labour market and which need to be updated. This is consulting. Personnel search and selection is a lasting dialogue which success depends directly upon openness and readiness to cooperate of all the parties involved.

NB: we work promptly. Within 2 hours after the contract being signed a detailed vacancy announcement is posted on the TRIZA Exclusive website, as well as on the pages of major job websites. When needed, we use services of specialized printed media and narrow-purpose Internet sources. We see to it that all conditions, tasks and requirements for the future employee are reflected in the announcement accurately and entirely. Thus we save time of our respected candidates making their selection of interesting vacancies even easier. When a new project starts, together with the advertising campaign we start analysis of the TRIZA Exclusive databank. Among thousands and thousands of CVs we select those potentially suitable for the competition. If the candidate matching the job requirements has visited us recently and has been in active search then, we contact him or her immediately to offer a new position to consider. Many questionnaires need to be updated when it comes to the recent employment and specialization, income expectations, readiness to consider new offers.

Depending upon complexity of the task, there could be TRIZA Exclusive chief consultants, their assistants, senior and junior consultants in a project team. Each TRIZA Exclusive consultant holds 3 to 5 interviews daily, forwards to the database 50 to 70 new CVs, discusses current matters with 5 to 10 customers, answers to a great number of phone calls. Its not uncommon that some homework arises CVs for evening analysis and negotiations with candidates. An official consultants working day ends at 18:00, but incoming calls in the office can be heard till 9-10 pm. Russian labour market grows and develops steadily, and our mission is to professionally support this development, investing knowledge, skills and efforts of TRIZA Exclusive consultants in success of our customers and partners. We will do our best to make our cooperation useful and efficient for you.

TRIZA Exclusive offices operate in Moscow and St. Petersburg.